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An estate is all of the possessions that a person accumulates during their lifetime.

Types of Estates

An estate includes all real estate, household furnishings, jewelry and equipment, all types of business equipment and business inventory and all kinds of collections.

Because an estate may be extensive, the person who is in charge of turning the estate into cash is faced with a very large job. We are in the business to simplify this process. We can turn any estate into top cash quickly and efficiently.

Whether a household, a small or large business, a small or large collection, one piece of real estate or 3,000 acres and numerous homes. We are in the business to help you accomplish your goal.

We Can Help You

Whether you are an individual, retiree, personal representative, trustee, court, bank, attorney, business owner, municipality, corporation, or anyone else needing to turn property into cash, you can benefit from our highly experienced auction team.

We are licensed in real estate and have extensive experience in marketing real estate at auction to achieve top dollar.


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Praise from Our Clients

“I am pleased to recommend you and your organization as I consider your handling of our auction on June 14 of this year to be highly professional and efficient. Our auction was a success and I attribute that to your experience in promoting the sale, organization and catalogue of items, and the professional sale and collection of funds.

Please feel free to use my letter as a recommendation for your organization.”

John Bowman – President, John Elden Chevrolet
“Received check for auction proceeds.

Want to thank you for all your hard work and kindness in putting it together. I was very pleased with the results.

Thanks also to Kelly. She is a very hard worker.”

Allene Valencia
“I would like to thank you so very much for handling the personal property and then the real property auctions for my parents!

I was both shocked and thrilled when the auction brought a total of $703,000.00 for this property! That was $247,000 more than it appraised for!

On behalf of my parents and myself I can’t thank you enough! If any of your potential clients would like to speak to me personally, please do have them call.”

Pamela E. Crowley
“We have been pleased and well satisfied with your handling of the auctions for our dealership corporations’, ‘at Milan, Michigan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Muskegon, Michigan and Pontiac, Michigan.

If we are in need of an auctioneer in the future, we will not hesitate to employ you.”

W. H. Merritt, Ford Motor Company