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Real Estate Auctions…….
Benefits to Buyers!

1. It’s quick!

Offers can be made in seconds, minutes at the most. No waiting to find out if your offer is the best offer coming in, you know immediately.

2. Great Investment Potential. You Set The Price.

Most sellers of property at auction realize that a quick sale is sometimes the best sale. Even if the auctioned price of the property is less than might be obtained through a conventional real estate listing, the auction price may be the best offer. Why? Because, even though another higher offer might have been obtained conventionally, it may take months or years to receive the higher offer. It is very costly to hold unwanted real estate.

Some great investments can be made, and some great homes to live in can be bought. And you name the price!

3. Make your offer without embarrassment!!

Buyers make their offers for the property without fear of embarrassment to oneself or offending the seller.

4. All interested buyers treated equally!

As a bidder, in an open public auction, you have the same opportunity as anyone else to buy the property.

All bidders have the same opportunity. Property is not sold to favored buyers before it even becomes known to the general public, that the property is for sale. It is advertised widely so that anyone and everyone interested in the property has the same chance to buy as anyone else.

Michigan Real Estate Auction Benefits to Buyers

Michigan Real Estate Auction Benefits to Buyers