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Estate Auction on Rochester Rd. – Troy, MI

“I would highly recommend Gary M. Berry Auctioneers for auctions of an estate. We had a very big project on our hands after the death of Mother. She had a lot of personal belongings to be gone through and sold before we could sell the house.

Gary came over for consultation and was very friendly and helpful. During that visit he mentioned about auctioning of the house. We had never thought about it, but did it ever work out great for us.

It was an older home so we would have needed to do a lot of work before we could list & sell with a real estate agent.

With the auction it was sold as is and for cash. We couldn’t have been happier in the results, as it sold for well higher than appraised value.

Give Gary a call. It made the whole process so much easier.”

George and Karen Catto

Real Estate Auction – Over 3,000 Acres

“I am writing to you regarding your groups handling of our divestiture of the land and equipment that was a part of Cold Springs Farm Inc.

We appreciate very much the professional way that your organization handled the entire process, from sorting out parcels and entitlements, promotion, and most of all the hectic pace of “sale day.

Both the land sale and the subsequent equipment sales were large events with hundreds of registered bidders in each case.

We were very pleased with the results of the sales.

We would be more than pleased to recommend your services to others, don’t hesitate to call.”

Tom Cowan, Cold Springs Farm Limited

Real Estate Auction – 80 Acres Hadley, MI

“I would like to thank you so very much for handling the personal property and then the real property auctions for my parents!

I was both shocked and thrilled when the auction brought a total of $703,000.00 for this property! That was $247,000 more than it appraised for!

On behalf of my parents and myself I can’t thank you enough! If any of your potential clients would like to speak to me personally, please do have them call.”

Pamela E. Crowley

Automobile Dealership Equipment Auction

“I am pleased to recommend you and your organization as I consider your handling of our auction on June 14 of this year to be highly professional and efficient. Our auction was a success and I attribute that to your experience in promoting the sale, organization and catalogue of items, and the professional sale and collection of funds.

Please feel free to use my letter as a recommendation for your organization.”

John Bowman – President, John Elden Chevrolet

Automobile Dealerships – Ford Credit

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the excellent auction at Henderson Ford on the 23. The job that you and your people did with such short notice was impressive. The large number of buyers present and the prices paid was much more than I had expected.

Thanks again for all the help not only here at Henderson but also at the auction in Owosso and Flint.”

Ron Cain, Ford Motor Credit Co.

Ford Motor Company

“We have been pleased and well satisfied with your handling of the auctions for our dealership corporations’, ‘at Milan, Michigan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Muskegon, Michigan and Pontiac, Michigan.

If we are in need of an auctioneer in the future, we will not hesitate to employ you.”

W. H. Merritt, Ford Motor Company

Antique Collection and Estate Auction – Oakland Twp., MI

“Received check for auction proceeds.

Want to thank you for all your hard work and kindness in putting it together. I was very pleased with the results.

Thanks also to Kelly. She is a very hard worker.”

Allene Valencia

Flushing, MI Estate – Real Estate and Contents

“I am extremely happy with the auction Gary M. Berry – Auctioneers & Chuck Cryderman & Associates LLC. conducted for my real estate and household goods. They were highly professional, competent and honest. They took away all my worries and kept me well-informed even though I live out west and far away from my estate. My auction was a great success. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for auction professionals. They are an experienced, top-notch company and a credit to the auction community”
Kimberly D. Maier, Phoenix, Arizona

Detroit Country Day

“Allow me to personally thank you. I have heard only nice comments on how you handled this auction. Needless to say, we had many high bids, and a very impressed audience.”

Crittenton Hospital Auxiliary – Rochester, MI

“The largest amount ever raised in Rochester for charity. This was made possible by your expert auctioneering skill and enthusiasm. The entire committee extends to you our sincere thanks and appreciation.”
Auction Committee