Macomb County, Michigan Auctioneer Explains Estate Auctions

//Macomb County, Michigan Auctioneer Explains Estate Auctions

Macomb County, Michigan Auctioneer Explains Estate AuctionsWhen someone in Macomb County, Michigan dies and has a home with furnishings, vehicles, equipment, tools, antiques and collectibles that must now be sold, the family, executor or personal representative, will have a big job on their hands. “What will I do? Where do I start?”, they may say. Suppose the family members live hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Just imagine the time required, the travel and all of the work involved.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a home in the city or a large farm, or a commercial or industrial business.The thoughts of the job can be over whelming, without getting the help that an experienced, full time professional Macomb County, Michigan auctioneer can offer.

Finding an Experienced Macomb County, Michigan Auctioneer

Find an auctioneer who can handle the entire job from start to finish and your job will have just gotten much easier. First, of all the items need to be assessed as to value and importance to determine who the likely buyers will be, for marketing purposes. Are the majority of the items common items found in most every household or business? Are there any rare or extremely valuable items which will need extensive exposure to a wider audience? Are there guns, coin collections, stamp collections, art glass, jewelry, collectible vehicles, collectible motorcycles or collectible tractors? Is there a family car or truck? Are there barns full of equipment? Is there a factory full of equipment, or store inventory? Is there real estate involved?

All of the above items need a Macomb County, Michigan auctioneer who has the experience and the connections to be able to contact any needed experts for advice as to authenticity and value on rare items. Many auctioneers have experience selling hundreds of different types of auctions and can usually spot rare items. That does not make the auctioneer an expert on every item.

The items that are extremely rare, may require the advice of a specialist in a particular field. Why? By getting the correct information about the items from an expert, the auctioneer’s marketing of the auction can be directed to those collectors, or buyers, who will be interested in those particular items. The auctioneer may then choose to do specialized advertising to reach the buyers who would be interested in that rare item (or items).

The buyers of specialized highly collectible items may be located in another state or country, and still be able to participate in the auction, by phone or on the internet.

Rare Typewriter Brings Big Money in Michigan Auctioneer’s Auction

I recall an auction of common antique items which we held 4 or 5 years ago. The auction was being conducted for an elderly seller who had already moved to California. The auction was advertised locally and via the internet. Calls came in from out of state buyers who saw the advertising on the internet, who were interested in an old typewriter which had received special attention in the advertising with a close-up photograph.

The typewriter brought $4,300.00, going to one of the out of state buyers, who paid another $150.00 for shipping and insurance. The average old typewriter usually brings $25.00 to $50.00. Marketing an auction to the right buyers makes all the difference. Hire a Macomb County, Michigan auctioneer who has the experience to know the difference.

Macomb County Michigan Estate Auction Setup

Once you have chosen your auctioneer, there is something else that is very important. The setup of the auction. Who will do the setup? Are there local family members available? Does the family want to be involved? Or do you want the auctioneer’s staff to handle the entire job from start to finish? It’s your choice? What does setup entail?

A Large Macomb County Michigan Auction – May Require Tents

Let us assume that the estate is a residential home with mostly household items, antiques, etc. Setup will require emptying the attic, opening any boxes that have been packed for years. Any items which have been wrapped must be unwrapped for identification purposes and photographing. All cupboards and closets need to be emptied out to find any quality items which will need photographs taken for advertising purposes. After photographs have been taken, the small items need to be sorted according to type. Then the small items will be boxed up without wrapping and ready to go out into the tents on auction day. Items to be sold individually will be displayed on rows of tables down the middle of the tents. Items of less value will be arranged in boxes to be sold as box lots.

Assuming that the real estate is also being sold, furniture will need to be arranged neatly so that the real estate can be shown to its best advantage. The furniture also, will need to be placed in close proximity to doors for easy transport to the tents or garage on the morning of the auction, if not before.

Items in Outbuildings and Barns

If there are a large amount of items in barns or other outbuildings the auctioneer will usually have these items displayed on a farm wagon or trailer. Some Macomb County, Michigan estate auctions will have 2, 3, 4 or more farm wagons loaded with items on auction day. These wagons full of items are affectionately referred to as jewelry wagons (the farmer’s jewelry).

Other items will be neatly lined up in rows in the yard and around the buildings.

Large Equipment and Vehicles

Large equipment and vehicles will be lined up in neat rows facing each other with 5 or 6 feet between each item. This allows room for bidders to see all sides of the items for inspection purposes and to allow room for numerous bidders to stand close to each item they are interested in bidding on.

There will be 20 feet or so between the rows of equipment and vehicles. The rows of equipment and vehicles will be facing each other. The space between the rows is required to allow the auctioneer’s sound truck to be able to drive down through the middle of the rows of equipment and auction the items to the high bidder. It is not unusual to have from 150 to over one thousand people at the larger Macomb County, Michigan estate auctions.

Macomb County, Michigan Estate Auction with Real Estate

Most Macomb County, Michigan estates, have real estate that needs to be sold, also. If the real estate is being offered at auction, the auctioneer will hold open houses in advance of auction day to allow prospective buyers to inspect the property. Enough time needs to be given for interested parties to do their due diligence, arrange for monies to be available for the required deposit on auction day, and make sure they can have their balance due, available at the closing. Closings are usually advertised to take place within 30 days of the auction.

Estate Auction Signage

The auctioneer will have signs printed and placed in front of the property where the auction is to take place, with the time and date of the auction and what type of items will be sold. Directional signs will be placed at appropriate intersections to direct buyers to the auction. Parking signs will also be inserted in the ground to direct buyers to any available parking.

The other types of auction advertising will be discussed in a another article.

Contact a Qualified Macomb County, Michigan Auctioneer

This represents just a small part of what you can expect to take place after you choose a qualified Macomb County, Michigan auctioneer to handle your auction.

For more information contact Gary M. Berry, Auctioneers – Realtors at: 248-299-5959

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