Rochester Auctioneers Gives 5 Reasons to Auction Your Home Instead of Conventionally Selling

//Rochester Auctioneers Gives 5 Reasons to Auction Your Home Instead of Conventionally Selling

Rochester auctioneersAre you trying to sell your home or property in the greater Detroit area but are having no luck? Consider auctioning your real estate instead! Many families and businesses go through the seemingly endless process of conventionally selling their home with a realtor. Why wait and end up spending more money and precious time when you could have Rochester auctioneers auction off your real estate within a matter of weeks?

Here are 5 reasons why you should use Rochester auctioneers handle your real estate:

  • Time Definite Dates

Because you are the seller, you are in complete control of how and when your property will sell. When you set a time definite date, you know that you will no longer have to worry about that property anymore. The seller decides on the auction date, the terms of the auction, and the closing date. Not only do the sellers and realtors take real estate auction deadlines seriously, so do the buyers! Buyers will come researched and ready to purchase, cash in pocket! So take advantage of these circumstances by auctioning your real estate with the professionals at Michigan Real Estate Auctioneers!

  • Instant Results

Real estate auctions are marketed, sold, and closed within a matter of weeks. If time is sensitive, then consider auctioning your property today to achieve immediate monetary results. The urgency and competition of the real estate market also makes the buyers more motivated to make decisions.

  • Sold at Fair Market Value

Fair market value is the price at which a seller is willing to sell, and a buyer is willing to pay, without either being obligated to sell or buy. At Michigan Real Estate Auctioneers, we can help you sell 90% to 95% of all real estate that is being auctioned. Furthermore, because of the immense competition at our real estate auctions, the initial price of your real estate can increase.

  • Don’t Have to Worry About Showings

If you’re trying to sell your own home, you know very well how tiresome and annoying it is to show it. You have to constantly keep it clean and in perfect condition for the potential buyers. This can cost you a lot of unnecessary time, money, and patience.

  • Saves You Money

There are two major reasons why auctioning your property immediately instead of waiting around for it to sell can save you money. First, you don’t have to pay a seller’s commission to anyone, and the amount that your property sells for is the amount you’ll get, cash in hand! Second, holding on to real estate is costly. You have mortgage, leasing fees, insurance, or taxes you will still have to pay while you wait on your estate to sell. And don’t forget about any potential maintenance you might have to continue paying for.

Whether you are an individual, business owner, retiree, personal representative, trustee, court, bank, attorney, municipality, corporation, or anyone else needing to turn property into cash, you can benefit from our highly experienced Rochester auctioneers at Michigan Real Estate Auctioneers. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you!

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