St Clair County Auctioneer Talks Real Estate Auctions

//St Clair County Auctioneer Talks Real Estate Auctions

St Clair County Auctioneer Why Should You Buy Real Estate Through an Auction?

Real estate auctions have always been around but sometimes get a bad rap. Many people assume only low quality properties are sold via auction so they wouldn’t be able to find anything they’re interested in. Nowadays, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sellers looking to sell their property in St Clair County with the least amount of hassle may turn to a real estate auction to do just that. As a buyer, this creates a lot of opportunity. If you haven’t considered buying your next property from a real estate auction, here are a few of the ways you can benefit from purchasing from these motivated sellers.

1. Purchase on a Short Timeline

When you buy a property through a real estate auction, you won’t have to worry about the process taking weeks, or even months, as it could through more traditional real estate purchasing methods. When you purchase real estate through an auction, you can see the property for the first time just before the auction (remember to do your due diligence!), and close the deal just after the auction is over. For those looking to purchase a property and waste as little time as possible, this is a great way to do so.

2. Find a Bargain

Because the people selling their property through a real estate auction are very motivated sellers, it is much easier to find a property at a bargain than it is when you purchase through a broker or from the owner directly. Not only is it more likely the property is priced lower, maybe even below market value, but you also cut out many of the fees that are associated with purchasing property through the traditional paths. This means you could be saving a ton of money by purchasing property at a real estate auction!

3. See Many Properties at Once

When you attend a real estate auction in St Clair County, there will be a list of properties that are being auctioned off that day. You can view these properties all at once and determine which you are interested in. This is much more time effective than going from property to property with a real estate agent or driving around yourself to view properties you may be interested in. This also saves you a ton of time as a real estate auction is more like a menu of properties for sale and you can pick and choose which you would like to learn more about.

4. Control the Price

If you have found a property you are interested in that few others are as well, you could be in a great spot to have control over the final purchase price of the property. As with a regular auction, the property only sells for what someone bids, so this is a great way to stay under budget and get a great deal.

To learn more about real estate auctions and to get in touch with a St Clair County auctioneer, contact Gary M. Berry, Auctioneers – Realtors today by calling: 248-299-5959.

Gary M. Berry, Auctioneers – Realtors is a Michigan Auctioneer serving Genesee County, St Clair County, Macomb County and Oakland County.

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